MDNOSS Spring Conference: Student Success in 2020...and Beyond

The MDNOSS Spring Conference will be at Harford Community College on April 24, 2020. Please save the date and check back for registration information as well as opportunities to present at the conference. 

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NOSS Webinar--California Transformation: January 24, 3:00pm


California Transformation: Lessons for Other States on Placement Reform and Co-Requisite Models with Katie Hern

Developmental education is being transformed across the largest system of higher education in the United States. Recent legislation requires California's 115 community colleges to use high school grades to place students into the English and math courses where they have the best chance of completing transferable, college-level courses within one year. Virtually all students have the right to bypass stand-alone developmental prerequisites and begin directly in college-level courses, and colleges are replacing traditional remedial prerequisites with corequisite models in which students enroll directly in college-level courses with concurrent support. This webinar will feature student stories and early results from colleges making these changes, as well as research and implementation details that participants can consider for their own contexts.

Katie Hern, Ed.D., is an English Instructor at Skyline College and Co-Founder of the California Acceleration Project (CAP), a professional development network that supports the state’s 115 community colleges to transform remediation and increase student completion and equity. Hern speaks nationally on remediation reform and integrated reading and writing. Her publications focus on the need to rethink placement, design principles for teaching accelerated English and math, pedagogy for integrated reading and writing, and the equity imperative of transforming remediation. Along with CAP Co-Founder Myra Snell, Hern was named to the Washington Monthly’s “16 Most Innovative People in Higher Education” in 2016.