NOSS Liaison, Harford Community College

Carol Mueller


Dr. Carol Mueller has been teaching at Harford Community College since 2008. She teaches a wide variety of courses including all of the transitional math courses, Earth science, statistics and precalculus. She taught geology at the University of Arkansas and both math and science in private and public secondary schools before coming to HCC. Carol earned A.A. in education from the College of DuPage, B.Ed. in secondary education, Earth and Space Science from the University of Arkansas, M.Ed. in secondary education advanced certification in Geology from the U of A, and Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction from the U. of A. She completed a post-Masters certification in Leadership for Higher Education and a Certification as a Developmental Education Specialist from the Kellogg Institute at the National Center for Developmental Education at Appalachian State University.  Dr. Mueller’s research area is the impact of motivation on success in developmental math. She is the current treasurer and serves on the board for the National Organization for Student Success, is the Vice President of the American Association of University Women Maryland, and serves on the advisory board for the National Center for Developmental Education.