MDNOSS ByLaws January 2020


                                                                     BY LAWS


The name of the Corporation shall be Maryland Chapter of The National Organization For Student Success, Incorporated. (NOSSMD) 


This association shall be affiliated with the National Organization for Student Success (herein after referred to as NOSS) and shall operate in harmony with that association's constitution and by-laws.


Section 1. IRC Section 501(c) (3) purpose 

The Corporation is organized exclusively for one or more of the purposes as specified in section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, including, for such purposes, the making of distributions to organizations that qualify as exempt organizations under 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. 

Section 2. Specific objectives and purposes

The Maryland Chapter of The National Organization For Student Success is a professional group of those engaged in, or with interest in, student success at the post-secondary level. The purposes of NOSSMD shall be to promote the following goals within the state of Maryland: 

  • To provide visibility and significance to learning assistance and student success programs in post-secondary education.
  • To promote support for learning assistance and student success programming. 
  • To provide an information channel for post-secondary learning assistance and student success faculty, staff, administrators, and other interested persons. 
  • To promote professional standards for learning assistance and student success programs.
  • To provide professional development activities for sharing professional methods, techniques, and strategies. 
  • To provide an arena for the discussion of local campus issues related to post-secondary learning assistance and developmental faculty and staff. 
  • To be a spokes-group for post-secondary learning assistance and student success programs on issues directly affecting developmental learners.
  • In general, to engage in any lawful act or activity or to carry on any business in accordance with the corporation’s non-profit purpose not forbidden by the laws of the State of Maryland and with all the powers conferred by the State of Maryland 

The annual dues shall be reviewed each year, and set by the Executive Board. The fiscal year shall be from July 1- June 30.


Any individual or institution/organization in developmental studies or otherwise interested in the purposes of this Association shall be eligible for membership. Such individuals or institutions do not have to be members of NOSS in order to qualify for membership.


Section 1. Executive Board Membership
The Executive Board will consist of the President, the President-Elect, Immediate Past-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Two Representatives at Large, the Newsletter Editor, the Political Liaison, and the Membership Committee Chairperson.


Section 2. Executive Board Powers 

The Executive Board shall have the responsibility and authority for generating, interpreting, and implementing policies deemed necessary between annual NOSSMD membership meetings, and other expressions of membership will, provided that such interim actions shall not abrogate the Constitution and By-Laws of the Association. In addition, it shall have the responsibility and authority for interpreting and implementing policy actions adopted by the general NOSS membership at annual conferences and elsewhere. 

Section 3. Committees  

The committees for this Corporation shall be any committees as deemed advisable and approved by the Board.

Section 4. Officers 

A. All officers shall be members of NOSSMD. 

B. Elected Officers
The elected officers of this Corporation shall be: 

   1. President 

   2. President-Elect 

   3. Immediate Past-President 

   4. Secretary 

   5. Treasurer 

   6. Representatives-at-Large (2): 

       a. One from a two-year institution 

       b. One from a four-year institution 

C. Appointed Members
The appointed Board members shall be: 

    1. Newsletter Editor

    2. Political Liaison 

    3. Membership Chairperson

    4. Conference Coordinator

    5. Director of Communications

    6. NOSS Liaison



Section 1. President: 

  • As the executive officer for an academic year, the President's duties include the following: 
  • Scheduling Board meetings and preparing agendas; 
  • Presiding at Board meetings; 
  • Implementing professional development programs and the annual conference;
  • Promoting communication with members through newsletters, e-mail, bulletins, or other means, as appropriate; 
  • Appointing committee members and overseeing committee activities; 
  • Acting as an ex-officio member of all committees; 
  • Acting at his/her discretion in situations he/she considers to be emergencies, subject to later discussion and action by the Executive Board; 
  • Otherwise implementing the provisions of the Constitution and By-Laws.

Section 2. President Elect 

Duties include the following: 

  • Acting as Executive Officer in the absence of the President; 
  • Coordinating program planning for the annual conference; 
  • Preparing for the duties of the President during the succeeding year. 

Section 3. Immediate Past-President: 

Duties include the following: 

  • Advising the Executive Board; 
  • Receiving awards nominations and coordinating the award selection process; 
  • Maintaining the NOSSMD archive notebooks,
  • Performing other duties as designated by the President.

Section 4. Secretary: 

Duties include the following: 

  • Recording all activities and actions of all Executive Board meetings and membership meetings; 
  • Preparing minutes, and distributing them to Executive Board members.

Section 5. Treasurer: 

Duties include the following: 

  • Managing all financial matters relating to the Association, such as collecting dues and conference fees, dispersing funds, and planning budgets; 
  • Maintaining accurate and up-to-date financial records of all income and expenditures; 
  • Preparing a Treasurer's report for each Executive Board meeting and the annual membership meeting (held at the annual conference). 

Section 6. Representatives at Large: 

Duties include the following: 

  • Sitting on the Executive Board 
  • Serving on at least one committee 
  • Performing other duties designated by the President. 

Section 7. Newsletter Editor: 

Duties include the following: 

  • Compiling, editing, printing, and distributing a minimum of two newsletters per year (one per fall and spring academic semesters). 

Section 8. Political Liaison: 

Duties include the following: 

  • Advising the Executive Board and membership of statewide and national concerns which affect developmental education. 

Section 9. Membership Chairperson: 

Duties include the following: 

  • Working with the Treasurer to maintain a current membership list; 
  • Developing and implementing, with support from the Board an annual recruitment plan for building NOSSMD membership; 
  • Maintaining and updating mailing lists on a regular basis

Section 10. Conference Coordinator

Duties include the following:

  • Working with the team to secure locations for workshops and conferences
  • Planning and facilitating meals and incentives/prizes for workshops and conferences 
  • Creating brochures/agendas for workshops and conferences  

Section 11. Director of Communications

Duties include the following:

  • Maintain website, keeping it current on new information about NOSSMD as well as NOSS
  • Keep any social media accounts in good standing and updated regularly

Section 12. NOSS Liaison

Duties include the following:

  • Functioning as primary liaison with NOSS, and ensuring NOSSMD compliance with NOSS policies and procedures. 

Section 1. Transition of Officers 

Each newly elected officer shall take office at the annual conference.

Section 2. Terms of Office 

  • The President-Elect is elected every year for a three-year term of service, one year each in the following capacities: President-Elect, President, and Immediate Past-President. 
  • The Secretary serves a two-year term, elected in even years. 
  • The Treasurer serves a two year term, elected in odd years. 
  • The Representative from a two-year institution serves a two-year term, elected in even years. 
  • The Representative from a four-year institution serves a two-year term, elected in even years. 
  • Newsletter Editor, Political Liaison, Membership Chairperson, Conference Coordinator, and Public Relations Chairperson are each appointed by the President, with concurrence of the Board, for a one-year term, renewable indefinitely. 

Section 3. Replacement and Impeachment of Officers 

Officers who resign, are removed from office, or are unable to serve their full term of office, shall be replaced for the remainder of that term by appointment of the President, with the concurrence of the Executive Board. An elected officer may be removed by a two-thirds vote of the membership. A call for removal from office comes from the recommendation of the Executive Board, or upon petition by 25% of the members of NOSSMD. 


Officers shall be elected by a simple majority vote of the NOSSMD membership. Voting will occur at the annual conference. Any voting member of the Association may submit a nomination for any of the elected offices. Nominations will be sought through the newsletter and/or other means, as well as being accepted from the floor at the annual conference. 


Section 1. Execution of Instruments 

Only the President, acting with authorization from the Board of Directors, may enter into a binding agreement on behalf of the corporation. No other member of the Board, officer or agent shall have actual or apparent authority to bind the corporation by any contract or any engagement or pledge its credit or render the corporation monetarily liable for any purpose or for any amount. 

Section 2. Checks and Notes 

Checks, drafts and promissory notes must be signed by the Treasurer. 

Section 3. Deposits 

All funds of the corporation shall be deposited to the corporations credit from time to time, and no later than (7) days after receipt, in to a financial institution of the Board’s choosing. 

Section 4. Gifts 

The Board of Directors may accept on behalf of the corporation any contribution, gift, bequest, or device for the nonprofit purpose of the corporation. 


1. An annual NOSSMD conference shall be held each year. Locations shall vary. 

2. A meeting of the membership shall be held at the annual conference, with a quorum consisting of those members who are present.  


The NOSSMD Executive Board recognizes the importance of the President and President-Elect attending the Annual NOSS Conference Leadership Symposium. The Board may approve support for the President and/or President-Elect to attend the NOSS Conference, contingent upon availability of funds and an assurance that every effort has been made to secure institutional funding. 


The corporation shall maintain the following records: 

  • Copies of minutes of all meetings of the Board of Directors 
  • Adequate and correct books and records of accounts and all financial transactions, as well as all tax documents 
  • A record of all members and their names and addresses
  • A copy of the corporation’s Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws as amended to date


Robert's Rules of Order, Revised, shall guide the Association in all areas not in these By-Laws.


Amendments to the By-Laws may be passed at the annual conference by a majority vote of the membership present, provided such proposed amendments have been prepared in written form and distributed to the membership at least one month prior to the scheduled meeting.


NOSSMD may present awards in the following categories annually:

Outstanding Contributor for Student Success in Maryland

The purpose of this award is to recognize an individual who has made a significant contribution to students, NOSSMD state-wide student success efforts, and/or the developmental education profession.

Rosa Ilardo Howard Memorial Outstanding Alumnus of a Developmental Education Program

The purpose of this award is to recognize an alumnus of a developmental education program who sets a standard for others to emulate. This award is named after Mrs. Rosa Ilardo Howard, Assistant Director, Project SPARK program at the Community College of Baltimore County-Catonsville campus. 

Outstanding Research in Student Success

The purpose of this award is to recognize current or past research, or to encourage future research efforts by a member of NOSSMD, which will enlighten and strengthen student success theory and/or practice.

Alex Afonta Memorial Scholarship to the Kellogg Institute

The purpose of this award is to assist NOSSMD members who wish to attend the Kellogg Institute for the training and certification of developmental educators. It was named after the late Dr. Alex Afonta, Professor of Developmental Mathematics at the Baltimore City Community College.


The Immediate Past President will oversee an awards committee to manage the awards nomination and selection process. A deadline for nominations will be established that corresponds with an Executive Board meeting in the spring.

All nominations, with supporting material will be reviewed by the committee and presented at the designated meeting to the entire Executive Board. The committee may choose to formulate recommendations after reviewing the nomination materials. The Board will make the final decision regarding awards by consensus or if necessary by majority vote. The President will contact the winners by letter to inform them of their selection, and request their presence at the Spring Conference. The conference fee will be waived for the student award winners of the Outstanding Alumnus Award. Awardees will receive a certificate and a monetary award, contingent upon availability of funds. The committee may also send a letter of recognition to nominees not selected.

Nomination Procedures and Materials Outstanding Contributor to Student Success in Maryland

Letter of nomination

  • Letter(s) of endorsement from an administrator or a current or former officer of NOSSMD 
  • Other supporting materials which document the nominee’s contribution to student success in Maryland

Outstanding Alumnus of a Developmental Education Program:

Letter of nomination

  • Letter(s) of endorsement from developmental educators, employers, or others
  • Other supporting materials may include information regarding the following:
  • Academic Achievements
  • Activities and Contributions to his/her college, community, and/or profession
  • Letter(s) from the nominee’s employers

Outstanding Research in Student Success:

Cover sheet identifying nominee, job title, institution, and research area or topic 

  • Research abstract (limit 5-10 pages); nominee’s name and professional affiliation should not be identified on the abstract